Founding Corporate Partner and Founding Sponsors

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Founding Corporate Partner and Founding Sponsors

Founding Corporate Partner


As a socially responsible corporate citizen, Citi has been dedicated in contributing back to the communities where we live and work, and implementing programs related to financial education and environmental protection. This belief has also encouraged thousands of employees to join forces in forming volunteer teams across more than 100 countries, contributing their time and talent to non-profit organizations, and lending their hands to the needy to help build better and more harmonious communities. Last year, Citi successfully mobilized more than 60,000 volunteers in over 600 cities to participate in community work on its annual Global Community Day.


Founding Sponsors

AR Consultant Services (H.K.) Ltd., BC Reinsurance Ltd.

Being local companies in the insurance and re-insurance business owned by Hong Kong people, they have been active in charities in the past years. Realizing the strong impacts of HKCSS's work in enhancing NGO's capacity through their earlier support in its training programme, the companies committed to support the HKCSS Institute, helping it to make the greatest impact to our society.


NGO Capacity Development Fund Sponsors

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