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Cross-boundary reflections on CEO competencies

香港基督教女青年會總幹事 楊建霞女士
角色轉變‧看高—線 --- 人才發展的反思
Role-changing reflections on people development at a different level

香港紅十字會秘書長 蘇婉嫻女士

角色轉變‧不同階段 --- 人才發展的反思
Role-changing reflections on people development for a different life stage

香港復康會總幹事 伍杏修先生 

Small NGOs' adaptability in the expanding boundary trend

(研討會呈獻機構及基金贊助機構:協成行發展有限公司) >>基金詳情及資助對象



Course Code : 16A-HKCSSIForum
Date(s) : 10/5/2016
Time : 1100 - 1230 (1.5 Hours)
Venue : 香港會議展覽中心
Target Participants : 社會服務機構的機構主管及管理層
Class Size : 200
Language : Cantonese (supplemented with English)
Fee : HKD 0.00
    HKD 0.00 (For HKCSS Agency Member Staff Only)
Early Bird Fee : HKD 0.00 (Payment on or before 10/05/2016 for HKCSS Agency Member Staff Only)
Enquiries : 2876 2470 or
Speaker(s) :
Mr. Tang , Paul 鄧國威先生
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Regeneration Charity Fund
Since 1978, Mr Tang had joined the Hong Kong Government as an Administrative Officer. From 1978 to 2012, He worked in various parts of the Government, including as the Permanent Secretary for Labour and Welfare Bureau and the Director of Social Welfare Department. He was the Secretary for the Civil Service Bureau from July 2012 to July 2015. After his departure from Government, Mr Tang has involved in voluntary work.
Ms. YEUNG , Yvonne 楊建霞女士
Chief Executive
Hong Kong Young Women's Christian Association
Ms. SO , Bonnie 蘇婉嫻女士
Secretary General
Hong Kong Red Cross
Ms So hosts Master Degree in New Media, and Strategic Perspectives in Non-profit Management Course in Harvard Business School.

Ms So joined the Hong Kong Red Cross in 1990 participating in different major services and promoted to Secretary General in 2015 leading 1,300 staff members and 22,000 volunteers. She has been involving in a wide range of disaster relief and reconstruction projects all over the world. She is a member of the Field Assessment and Coordination Team (FACT) of the International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), and the founding member of the IFRC Asia Pacific Fundraisers’ Network.

In 2006, Ms So was awarded The Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Hong Kong. In 2012, she established the Face-to-Face Monthly Giving Alliance in Hong Kong as founding Chairperson. Currently, she is the Vice Chairman of the Steering Committee on Work in Mainland China of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS), and the member of its Executive Committee. She is the Consultant of the Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women, Advisor of the InspiringHK Sports Foundation, and the member of the RTHK program Advisory Panel.
Mr. NG Hang Sau 伍杏修先生
Mr. CHAN Kai Ming 陳啟明先生
HKCSSI Institute 督導委員會委員


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