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Be a Certified Behavioral Consultant – DISC Certification


Every person has distinctive characteristics and qualities, which influence their thinking, preferences and behavior. The DISC Personality System is a tool that aims to help individuals increase in effectiveness as they identify and capitalize on strengths, whilst recognizing potential limitations and blind spots.


DISC is a four-quadrant behavioral model based on the work of William Moulton Marston Ph.D. (1893 – 1947) to examine the behavior of individuals in their environment or within a specific situation. People with similar styles tend to exhibit specific common behavioral characteristics. All people share these four styles in varying degrees of intensity. The acronym DISC stands for the four personality styles represented by the letters: Dominant, Influencing, Steady, Compliant.


This course is designed for those who would like to be a certified Behavioral Consultant (with a title "Certified Behaviorial Consultant”). This 2-day workshop will prepare the participants to learn intensively and comprehensively to be qualified exponents of DISC; unlike other DISC programs that only accredit participants to learn to use the tool.


Proficiency Examination & Assignment

(i) Proficiency Examination
The participants are required to take a multiple choice examination to ensure their understanding of the course content. Examination result will be sent via email separately to individual participantin 3 weeks upon course completion. For those who fail the Proficiency Examination will be required to re-take the examination on web with no extra cost.

(ii) Assignment

A home assignment will be sent to the participants through email after the 2-day workshop; 2 DISC Analysis Reports, written in "Microsoft Word” format, are required to be submitted to IML for markingThe assignment result will be sent through email to individual participants within 4 weeks from the date of submission.



Ÿ Attendance Certificate will be issued by HKCSS Institute to participants upon 80% attendance of the 2-day training
Ÿ DISC Certification will be issued by The Institute for Motivational Living, USA to participants who have completed this 2-day training and passed the Proficiency Examination & Assignment



Ÿ Entitlement of using the title CERTIFIED BEHAVIORIAL CONSULTANT (CBC) in your business card
Ÿ Flexibility to purchase and use both online and paper versions of the assessments via the HKCSS Institute platform
Ÿ Full use of PeopleKeys online report
Ÿ A complimentary set up of online account for future training and consulting work via the HKCSS Institute platform
Ÿ A complimentary facilitation kit that includes training slides (with both English& Chinese versions), trainer’s guide, training videos
Ÿ Full follow up and complimentary one-on-one coaching by our resident consultants to run your workshop or training
Ÿ A complimentary set of training props that includes DISC Quick Identifier Cards, Activities Guide, "Who am I?” DISC Game Card
Ÿ Complimentary one-on-one coaching for certified consultants using DISC for (upon request) communication skills, coaching, leadership & management, stress management, sales training

Course Structure


1. Welcome & Certification Program Overview
2. Introduction to DISC Behavioral Styles
3. History, Theory & Background
4. Contributing Factors to Behavioral Styles
5. Hippocrates Theory
6. The Trust Model – Johari Window
7. Uses of the DISC Profile
8. Administration of the DISC Profile
9. Knowledge, Formation & Interpretation of Graphs
10. Validity of Graphs
11. Blends of DISC Styles
12. Characteristics of each Style, Motivator & Greatest Fears
13. How to Recognize Different DISC Styles
14. Graphs Meaning & Blends
15. Introduction to Online DISC Profiling Report
16. Steps to Graph Interpretation
17. Identify Pattern & Meaning of Special Patterns
18. Practice and Giving Feedback
19. Comprehensive Reviews

1. Review of Day 1

2. Application – Case Studies
3. Introduction of Radar Graphs of DISC
4. Introduction to IML PowerDISC – 7 Elements of Leadership for each DISC Profile
5. Application of DISC – Personal Development (4 Behavioral Strategies)
6. Building Relationship with Different Styles – Using DISC with Teams
7. How to Adapt to Different DISC Styles
8. Introduction to PeopleKeys System – Recruitment & Job Benchmarking
9. What’s Next? – Design & Customize Training Projects Using Different DISC Products
10. Proficiency Examination & Assignment Briefing
11. Follow Up Work
12. Proficiency Examination


Course Code : 19A-C01
Date(s) : 3 & 4/10/2019
Time : 0930 - 1730 (14 Hours)
Venue : Duke of Windsor Social Service Building, 15 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, HK
Target Participants : NGO Managerial and Supervisory Staff
Class Size : 30
Language : Cantonese (supplemented with English)
Fee : HKD 9,250.00
    HKD 8,950.00 (For HKCSS Agency Member Staff Only)
Early Bird Fee : HKD 8,650.00 (Payment on or before 12/09/2019 for HKCSS Agency Member Staff Only)
Enquiries : 2876 2470 or [email protected]
Speaker(s) :
Mr. QUEK George 郭仲杰先生
Master Trainer
Distinctions Asia (HK) Limited
George is a certified Corporate Coach, a Certified Behavioral Consultant, an accredited MBTI administrator and practitioner and also a certified trainer in “KnowBrainer”, an innovation and process programme from USA. He has over 15 years of senior management experience throughout Asia Pacific with Fortune 500 and regional companies. Companies he has worked with before in Hong Kong/Macau include: Mass Mutual Insurance, Dragon Air, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong CSL, Macau International Airport, Marco Polo Group of Hotels; and in China: GT Group. He has also provided training in India, Thailand, Korea and Singapore. Prior to setting up his own regional training and consultancy, he was Director of Service Quality Centre belonging to part of the Singapore Airlines Group. George earned both Bachelor and Master in Business Administration from the University of Texas at Austin, USA.
Ms. LAM , Lois 林莉君女士
Head, HKCSS Institute
The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
Ms Lam has over 10 years’ experience in the social service sector. She specializes in NGO’s capacity building and cross-sectoral collaboration. She assisted the Council to establish the HKCSS Institute in 2007 with an aim to enhance management quality of the sector. Ms Lam has provided management consultancy on organization review and talent development for a number of organizations. She is also the project-in-charge of salary survey and competency modeling on leadership. She is a certified DISC behavioral consultant of the Institute for Motivational Living and certified practitioner of Workplace Big Five Profile of the Center for Applied Cognitive Studies (CentACS), USA, and Harrison AssessmentsTM. She holds an EMBA (HKUST), MSc in Social and Public Communication (LSE) and a GDip in Management Consulting (HKU).
Mr. FUNG Fred 馮超惟先生
Consultant & Trainer
Distinctions Asia (HK) Limited
Fred is a DISC® Profile Master Trainer and Certified Behavioral Consultant. He has had experience of 15 years in managing and developing training services for large-scale and multi-national corporations in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Asia-Pacific region, with a particular focus on psychometric assessment, team development, coaching & leadership, communication, motivation and corporate wellness. Fred is keen on combining psychology, accelerated learning approach and assessment-based approach in experiential training for a wide range of scopes such as leadership development, motivation, change leadership and teambuilding. Between the year 2015 to 2018, Fred worked closely with one of the well-developed social enterprises in Hong Kong to develop their strong base of leadership pipeline to support the service scale growth. Fred is currently taking an active role with local charity organisation to help them formulate the entire system of leadership development and succession plan.


"Small NGO Talent Development Subsidy Programme" does not apply to this course. For other financial support, please click HERE .

• 課程內容只提供英文版本