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Initial Exploration in Sandplay Therapy


Sandplay therapy is a hands-on, non-verbal psychological work which facilitates the psyche's natural capacity for healing. It is useful to many client populations particularly with those who are not easily expressed their thoughts and feelings. 

This workshop will provide a first-hand experience for mental health professionals who have heard about sandplay therapy but not yet experienced it. During the workshop, the participants will take part in a number of experiential activities to make contact with the sand, the figurines and their work with the sand. Furthermore, the basic theoretical background which makes sandplay therapy work will be shared. Also, the practical considerations and guidelines to set up sandplay therapy as well as case illustrations will be used throughout the workshop.


After attending the workshop, it is expected that the participants will:
1. Experience the connection with sand, figurines and the creation of a sandplay
2. Achieve a basic understanding of the theoretical background of sandplay therapy
3. Acquire the practical considerations and guidelines in setting up sandplay therapy


• What is Sandplay Therapy?
• Experiential exercise
• Role of the therapist
• How does sandplay work?


Course Code : 19A-PE04
Date(s) : 11/10/2019
Time : 0930 - 1700 (6 Hours)
Venue : Duke of Windsor Social Service Building, 15 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, HK
Target Participants : Mental health professionals: social workers, counselors, psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and academics
Class Size : 30
Language : Cantonese (supplemented with English)
Fee : HKD 1,140.00
    HKD 1,060.00 (For HKCSS Agency Member Staff Only)
    HKD 460.00 ("Small NGO Talent Development Subsidy Programme"- the highest subsidy amount is 80% of the course fee. Please refer to “Financial Assistance”.)
Early Bird Fee : HKD 920.00 (Payment on or before 20/09/2019 for HKCSS Agency Member Staff Only)
Enquiries : 2876 2470 or [email protected]
Speaker(s) :
Dr. MUI Kam Sheung , Ruby 梅金嫦博士
PsyD(Clinical Psychologist) / Committee Member
Hong Kong Sandplay Therapy Association (HKSTA)
Dr Mui is an experienced therapist specialized in working with children who have special education needs as well as attachment related issues. Currently she is in private practice mainly working with children with SEN and their families, adoptive families and adults who suffered from depression and emotional problems. Moreover, she regularly teaches attachment related issues to parents and mental health professionals. She has started to use sandplay therapy in her treatment with clients since 2004. Dr Mui is a current HKSTA Committee Member.
Ms. KOO Wing Sze , Brenda 古詠思女士
R.S.W., C.T., B.S.W., M.Soc.Sc. / Honorary Secretary
Hong Kong Sandplay Therapy Association (HKSTA)
Ms Koo has been a registered social worker since 1997, an ADEC certified Thanatologist since 2004. From 1997-2010, she worked with the end-of-life patients and the bereaved persons in a local NGO. She has started her private practice since 2012. In her clinical practice, she is particularly experienced in working with children who encounter the death of a loved one. Furthermore, she regularly conducts training in end-of-life and bereavement care to mental health professionals. Ms Koo has started to use sandplay therapy in her work with clients since 2004. She is a current HKSTA Committee Member.


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• 此課程獲「小型機構能力發展津貼計劃」提供五成學費資助

• All participants are requested to bring the following materials to be used by themselves and shared with the group during the experiential activities: 
1) 5 to 10 objects/figurines/miniatures*
2) A shoe box (or box similar to the size of a regular shoe box) 
(*They may include the objects that the participants personally relate to and / or objects that exit in the universal. The size should be put within the shoe box.) 

• 課程內容只提供英文版本