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「NGO Organizational Health Assessment」 Course Series - Induction to NGO Organizational Health for Sustainability (Session 1)


The concept of organizational health is about the ability of an organizational to align, execute and renew so that sustainable performance could be achieved. Inspired by this organizational health concept, which is originally developed by McKinsey and Company, HKCSS and HKU EXCEL3 collaborated and conducted the 2nd pilot project to modify the model to make it more applicable on NGOs sector with positive feedback. To further promote the concept and application in the NGO sector, a number of initiatives including a free on-line tool and operational guide, training workshops, and knowledge café are prepared to facilitate self-help of individual organizations. A series of training workshops will be held in Mar 2021:

It is a half-day course for knowledge building. The concept is helpful in designing strategy in managing an organization or a department regardless of the availability of health data.


To provide a comprehensive training course on the concept of NGO organizational health and how it impacts sustainability.


• Knowing the health essentials – the 9 elements
• Management practices to support health
• Setting a health aspiration and designing interventions for change
• The assessment tool
• NGO case sharing


Course Code : 20B-OHA-1 (original: 19B-OHA-1)
Date(s) : 01/03/2021
Time : 1400 - 1800 (4 Hours)
Venue : Duke of Windsor Social Service Building, 15 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, HK
Target Participants : Management staff of NGOs who are interested to know more about organizational health.
Class Size : 30
Language : Cantonese (supplemented with English)
Fee : HKD 770.00
    HKD 710.00 (For HKCSS Agency Member Staff Only)
    HKD 122.00 ("Small NGO Talent Development Subsidy Programme"- the highest subsidy amount is 80% of the course fee. Please refer to “Financial Assistance”.)
Early Bird Fee : HKD 610.00 (Payment on or before 11/02/2021 for HKCSS Agency Member Staff Only)
Enquiries : 2876 2470 or [email protected]
Speaker(s) :
Mr. CHAN Kai Ming 陳啟明先生
Founding Director and Consultant
Governance and Management Excellence (GAME) for Public Benefit
Mr Chan is a Registered Social Worker with 40 years of experiences at both frontline and management levels. He had successfully led a number of major reforms in performance management, pay structure, fundraising, strategic planning and knowledge management for his own agency. Mr. Chan holds formal qualifications in social service management, town planning, public relations & communications management, knowledge management, and attended the Executive Education Programme in strategic perspective for nonprofit management of the Harvard Business School.


Quota is set for each course in "Small NGO Talent Development Subsidy Programme". All applications are subject to approval. For details, please click HERE .

• 課程內容只提供英文版本
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