Situational Leadership® II – Public Workshop for NGOs


Imagine leveraging the proven theory and research that has made Situational Leadership® II (SLII®) the world’s most widely taught and used leadership model, and pairing that with a game changing new training design that immerses learners in the concepts of SLII quickly, deeply, and more effectively than ever. That’s the beauty of the newly redesigned Public Workshop process – a fast tracked and engaging way to immerse yourself in The SLII Experience™. This new learning design reflects Blanchard’s continued research, leverages client and trainer feedback, and incorporates the best thinking available in the learning development field.


• Learn a new language of leadership
• Increase the quality and quantity of conversations
• Develop others’ self-reliance
• Help others do above-average work and give discretionary effort
• Use new tools to develop solutions to your leadership challenges
• Learn how to share SLII with the people you work with and/or lead


The SLII Experience is a four-phase (LAUNCH, LEARN, PRACTICE, and MASTER) learning process that helps managers to become Situational Leaders.

Day 1

• Learn SLII
  - Skill #1 of a situational leader – Goal Setting
  - Skill #2 of a situational leader – Diagnosing
  - Skill #3 of a situational leader – Matching Leadership Behaviors

Day 2

• Practice SLII
   - Build and deliver Leadership Style Conversations
   - Build and deliver Alignment and One on One Conversations
   - Practice Diagnosing and Matching Appropriate Leadership Styles
   - Analyze a video case study
   - Review how to master SLII by using the SLII Challenge

Group Follow-up Session

A group follow-up session hosted by the trainer will be held on 6 March 2019 (Wednesday) from 1530 to 1700 for the sharing of real-life SLII applications at workplace by participants. Participation is free and voluntary, and limited to this cohort of participants.


情境領導II已被翻譯成15種語言並運用於35個國家,其影響力遍佈全球。學院於年前把它引進社福界,並得到主辦單位及導師的支持,以不同的學費模式配合 NGO的需要。

"全個工作坊都很有用,特別是Matching Development Level 和 Leadership Style”


課程編號 : 18B-17
日期 : 8 & 9/1/2019
時間 : 0930 - 1800 (14 小時)
地點 : Duke of Windsor Social Service Building, 15 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, HK
對象 : NGO practitioners in leadership roles, including executives and managers at all levels in NGOs who want to master the concepts of SLII for better people management and development.
名額 : 30
語言 : Cantonese (supplemented with English)
費用 : 港幣 6,100.00
    港幣 5,450.00 (社聯會員機構職員)
早鳥費用 : 港幣 4,950.00 (在 18/12/2018 或之前繳款, 只限社聯會員機構職員)
查詢 : 2876 2470 or [email protected]
主講嘉賓 :
Mr. LIM , Calvin 林祥文先生
Master Trainer / Channel Partner for HK & Macau
The Ken Blanchard Companies
Calvin Lim, a Master Trainer for The Ken Blanchard Companies, brings an international perspective to his clients. Based in Hong Kong, Calvin has more than 25 years of global leadership, consulting, and training experience. He has a wide base of knowledge about many industries, including hospitality, manufacturing, human resources, biotechnologies, IT, electronics, health care, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, education, software, transportation, banking and financial, and professional services. Calvin’s expertise includes leadership development, key account management, sales activity management, sales and service skills development, and mindset development. His clients benefit from the management and consulting skills he gained prior to his role as a trainer. Calvin received his bachelor of economics degree in business administration from University of Malaya. He is a certified administrator for MBTIR assessments and an advanced Certified Behavioral Analyst for DISC.
Ms. LAM , Lois 林莉君女士
HKCSS Institute主管
林女士在社會服務界別擁有超過10年的經驗,主力於NGO能力建設和跨界別合作發展等領域。她於2007年協助香港社會服務聯會成立了HKCSS Institute,旨在促進業界的機構管理質素。她亦曾為不同的機構提供機構評估及人才發展等管理顧問項目,並主力負責業界的薪酬調查及領導模式等研究工作。林女士是認可的DISC職業行為分析師(IML)、Big5諮詢師(CentACS)及Harrison AssessmentsTM 培訓員,並擁有行政人員工商管理碩士(HKUST) 、社會心理學碩士(LSE) 及管理顧問專業文憑(HKU)。



More than just a training course, the redesigned learning experience allows you to access:

Access to Blanchard Exchange (BX) — BX is an online portal that guides and enriches the Blanchard learning experience. Using our best-practice delivery methods and time-tested product designs, it offers an easy and convenient way to receive products electronically. Now, all prework, assignments, downloads, and participant support is housed in one convenient location.

Engaging and Reimagined Videos — 23 new, emotionally compelling videos leveraging Hollywood talent, help illustrate the concepts of SLII. They draw learners into characters’ challenges, helping them see how to link content into practice and provide them a clear sense of the painful ramifications of not using SLII methods.
• 課程內容只提供英文版本